1. Archdiocese of Santa Fe Parent Survey

Dear Parents,

In an effort to determine the strengths of our Catholic school System, as well as identify areas for growth, I ask that you complete the following survey. We appreciate your commitment to Catholic schools and we value your input. Please complete one survey per family. Thank you for your assistance.

Susan M. Murphy
Superintendent of Catholic Schools
Archdiocese of Santa Fe

* 1. My child/children attend:

* 2. I have a child/children in grades:

* 3. Why do you send your child/children to a Catholic School?

* 4. Please indicate your satisfaction with your school in the following areas.

  Extremely Dissatisfied Somewhat Dissatisfied Somewhat Satisfied Satisfied Extremely Satisfied
Quality Religious Education
Opportunities for worship and prayer
Quality academic instruction
Use of a variety of instructional methods
Positive learning environment
Music, arts and drama programs
Educating the whole child (spiritually, morally, academically, physically, emotionally)
Small class sizes with individual attention
Moral and social education based on the teachings of the Catholic Church
Discipline based on Gospel values
Teachers who are quality educators, steeped in the Catholic faith
The educational leadership of the school provided by the school administration
Safe environment
A sense of community
Affordable tuition
Financial assistance for tuition
Well maintained school and grounds
Access to up-to-date textbooks and resources
Access to up-to-date technology
Quality extracurricular programs
Opportunities for students to provide service to Church and/or community
Welcoming environment for parents and students
Parent involvement
Promoting respect and dignity
The uniform/dress code requirements at my school are age appropriate

* 5. My overall satisfaction with my Catholic school is

* 6. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being definitely, please indicate your response to the following questions.

  1 -Not at all 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 -Definitely
We would recommend our Catholic school to a friend
We will continue to send our children to our Catholic school

* 7. Thank you for your time in completing this survey. If there is any other information that you feel would be helpful in order to ensure the viability of our schools, please add it in the space below.