Interest Areas

We are building a tool to better match catalysts to companies that fit there interest as we expand our reach, and more companies become interested.   I look for your interest in primarily in two ways:  past experience, potential roles.

* 1. Please provide contact and identification information

* 2. What are the top five therapeutic areas of interest that you have worked on in the past?

* 3. What are the top "technology" areas that you have worked with (gene therapy, combination device, fibrin, mitochondria base therapies....)

* 4. For the right portfolio company you would be interested in the following roles:

* 5. I describe catalysts as experienced in the growth and commercialization of existing products in the market.   Companies are keenly interested in business development executives, or serial CEOs, but we also need other areas to round out the teams.   Which of the following description(s) fits you? (please list or fill in the blank)

* 6. We structure portfolio contract relationships such that every participant is compensated: either with cash up front, or based on a multiple for taking the risk with the company.   Note, we use a structure that proposes cash out along the way if the company is successful, even if the structure is equity driven.  For the right portfolio company you would be interested in the following compensation structure: (the typical first amount of time required for a portfolio company is 1-2 days/month or quarter for 6 periods of time, which ever is appropriate for the company. 

* 7. I would like to learn more about the process