Cat Temperament Survey

1. Have you filled out one of our surveys on this cat already?  If you have, please try to use the same names (yours and the cat's) as you did before

If you have done this survey already, please do it again--we need repeat responses.  Don't worry about filling in the cat personality questions exactly as you did before, just fill them out now as if you hadn't seen them before.  Thanks!

2. Please enter your name.

3. Please enter the name of the cat for which you are answering these questions.

4. Consider the cat in question. For each characteristic below, rate the cat on the scale provided. To do so for each trait, answer the question: "This trait is characteristic of this cat."

  Never Rarely Occasionally Sometimes Frequently Usually Always
Active - Moves about frequently
Aggressive - Causes harm or threatens to cause harm
Agile - Moves lithely and in a well-coordinated manner
Curious - Approaches and explores a change in the environment
Equable with cats - Reacts to others evenly and calmly, not easily disturbed
Excitable - Reacts strongly to a change in the environment
Fearful of cats - Retreats readily from cats
Fearful of people - Retreats readily from people
Hostile to cats - Reacts with a threat and/or causes harm if approached by cats
Hostile to people - Reacts with a threat and/or causes harm if approached by people
Playful - Engages in play with cats and/or objects
Sociable with cats - Initiates proximity and/or contact with cats
Sociable with people - Initiates proximity and/or contact with people
Solitary - Spends time alone and/or avoids company
Tense - Shows restraint in movement and posture
Vocal - Readily vocalizes
Voracious - Eats greedily and/or in large quantities
Watchful - Looks readily at a change in the environment

5. Do you know this cat's reaction to other cats well enough to answer the questions (above) about its interaction with other cats?