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The Project

Thank you for your interest in joining the Virtual Classroom Collaboration Network. By completing this short questionnaire, you are opting-in to participate and be contacted by other members of the network. Participants will have the opportunity to engage a fantastic roster of scholars working on cutting-edge topics related to peace and security. We hope that you will join this group to support your teaching this fall by making it easier to virtually bring in a diverse range of experts who were not previously accessible due to geography. In return, the other participants may contact you. Ultimately, it is your discretion as to whom you reach out to and what requests you accept.

The information that you provide on this questionnaire will allow us to develop connections based on courses you are teaching next semester and the research expertise of the group.

The deadline for the questionnaire is July 3. Following the organization of information from all of the participants, we will invite everyone to an online forum to launch a password-protected portal, discuss next steps, answer questions, and begin connecting. The online portal will allow you to search the research and expertise of other participants and make connections.

We are excited about your participation and the opportunity to expand networks and share important research with students across the world!
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