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Sysnav is a company developing a wearable device for clinical trials (called ActiMyo®) in collaboration with clinicians, patients associations and other parties, with the goal of accurately measuring clinically meaningful variables for drug development programs in neuromuscular diseases. ActiMyo® is composed of sensors worn on the wrist and/or on the ankle(s) aiming to capture movements of arm and/or leg. ActiMyo® has no GPS tracking function and could not detect where the patient is. Sysnav is interested in collecting data from families through a survey to inform their research.

The aim of this survey is to collect your opinion, your expectations and your concerns regarding the use of a wearable device in clinical trial as well as the clinical meaningfulness of potential outputs.

Data will be anonymous. Data will be collected, analyzed and used by Sysnav. Data will be stored as long as required for regulatory purposes (and at least 15 years). Collected data will be shared with any regulatory authorities who may review applications for device or clinical outcome measures approbation.

- The survey contains 41 questions. The estimated time for completing the survey is about 20 to 30 minutes.
- You won't be able to go back to edit previous pages once you have submitted them.
- You won't be able to save the survey and go back into it at a later date to complete
- Please click "OK" or "Next"  to move on, each time it is needed.

Question Title

* 1. By answering the survey, you consent that your data could be used for development of new digital endpoints and regulatory qualifications

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