This is a 3-part series that requires an application and attendance at all 3 sessions

3 Fridays:  January 26, February 23 & March 23, 2018  9:30am-12:30pm

Valencia Gardens Community Room, 390 Valencia Street, San Francisco
For: Youth Workforce and High School/TAY direct service staff or coordinators/managers. Any number of years of experience.
Career Pathways are quickly becoming the gold standard for workforce development programming. Preparing youth and young adults for jobs is no longer enough. Economic mobility requires young people be made aware of all of their options, be given opportunities to test and explore careers, have a clear map to their career goal and receive coaching along the way.  This series will give providers the tools to incorporate career pathway programming into their workforce model. Now is an opportune time to develop your own career pathway models and influence the direction of career pathway programming locally.

Providers will:
·         learn coaching techniques from an easy to adopt life coaching model, including 10 effective coaching skills that motivate young people, including the harder to serve, toward their career and education pathways.
·         be walked through multiple pathways to contextualize career pathway elements
·         learn about workforce initiatives that are driving career pathway models
·         learn how to build partnerships with colleges and vet vocational training providers
·         gain best practices in supporting participants to get to and through their pathways
·         be given career pathway tools to explore and test
·         learn about Job for the Future’s Back on Track Model and how it can be used to support Education Pathways 
·         learn how to integrate youth leadership in pathways

Includes 2 hours of coaching/agency
Facilitated by CHALK/BACR, an early adopter of career pathway programs in partnership with local charter schools, community colleges and apprenticeship initiatives.

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* 9. What are the ages of youth you serve?

* 10. Do you currently have any Career Pathways in your organization?

* 11. Have you ever staffed/been part of a Career Pathway program?

* 12. Are you hoping to start a Career Pathway or just learn more about Career Pathways?

* 13. What specific topics, strategies or resources you are hoping to learn about?

* 14. Do you have any other obligations that would prevent you from being able to attend all 3 cohort meetings? If so, what are they?

* 15. Does your organization/supervisor support your participation in the cohort?  How will they honor the commitment?

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