Welcome to the My Career Journey virtual interview! Please submit your responses by June 25, 2018

Thank you for participating in this virtual interview! The Ecological Society of America invites you to share your story about your unique career journey. 
There are great opportunities for young ecologists to create careers outside of academia. However, likely because of lack of exposure, students are unaware of these options.  To help bridge the gap and help students have hands on experience with alternative careers to academia, ESA is hosting a four-day career fair at its upcoming Annual Meeting Aug 6-9, 2018 in New Orleans.  The career fair is being organized jointly by the ESA Office of Education & Diversity Programs,  the Student Section and a committee of ESA members representing multiple sectors and the Science Committee.

Our hope is to not only explain that there are opportunities in every sector, but provide examples.  We want to create a book with the stories of ecologists across all sectors that students could flip through at the meeting as well as later online.  This will help students understand that there are ecologists everywhere and to find role models.
This online interview is made up of three sections:

  1. About You - including your contact information and background
  2. The Interview - questions that help paint a picture of your career journey and advice you may have for students. You will be asked to upload a high resolution photo for print purpose
  3. Invite to participate in the Career Fair. If you are able to attend the ESA Annual Meeting, we have an additional set of questions on ways you might participate. 
We deeply appreciate your interest and support. If you have any questions about the Career Fair or this survey, please contact:

Teresa Mourad
ESA Director of Education and Diversity Programs

Organizing Committee:
Kelsey Fisher, Robert Crystal-Ornelas & Lucas Lamb-Wooton - Student Section; Kayla Kemp-Smith & Erik Johnson, Li-Cor; Jessica Hellman, University of Minnesota, Science Committee; Jeramie Strickland, US Fish and Wildlife Service; and Teresa Mourad, ESA.