* 1. What is your overall opinion of our community recreation facility?

* 2. Do you have any recommendation that would increase your overall experience while visiting Cardel Rec South?

* 3. In general, do you find our reception/administration staff courteous, knowledgeable and helpful?

* 4. In general, do you find our operations staff courteous, knowledgeable and helpful?

* 5. Do you find value for the fees charged to utilize our facilities?

* 6. To obtain greater value, what changes can we implement?

* 7. Which means of communication do you find most effective in learning about programs and services offered at Cardel Rec South?

* 8. Which areas within the facility do you primarily use while visiting Cardel Rec South? Check all that apply

* 9. Do you find our primary facilities and program spaces clean, well maintained and functioning?

* 10. Are the support spaces (dressing rooms, washrooms, showers, etc) clean, well maintained and functioning?

* 11. Do you feel safe while visiting Cardel Rec South?

* 12. Do you feel safe while visiting the common areas of the South Fish Creek Complex or our complex partners (South Fish Creek Complex Partners (Shawnessy Library, Shawnessy YMCA or Bishop O’Byrne HS)?

* 13. User Expectations have been developed and conveyed to all user groups.  The rationale behind these rules is to aid us in keeping all patrons safe and to maintain manageable operating/maintenance costs.  Unfortunately some teams continue to run in our lobbies, dressing rooms are left in shambles, coaches write team line ups on walls with permanent ink and pucks and balls are propelled in the lobbies and dressing rooms (which will eventually hit a sprinkler head). All these examples are real and put our patrons at risk or add costs to your ice fees.

Are you aware of these User Expectations?

* 14. Do you feel some of these User Expectations (rules) are too harsh or unfair?   If so, which ones and why are they too harsh or unfair?

* 15. What are your recommendations to get teams/coaches to buy into our User Expectations that have been developed to keep your community recreation facility safe and efficient?

* 16. We consistently hear comments that we are the “coldest arenas in Calgary” and that we should utilize the spectator heaters.  From an operating cost perspective, the spectator heaters raise the ambient air temperature which in turn increases the run time of our refrigeration ice plant which drives up the utility consumption/costs.  Therefore; to keep your ice costs low, we ask you to  subscribe to our spectator dressing heater policy and to dress appropriately while watching hockey in the spectator bowl. 

(Yes, we know that this is more of a statement than a question, but we have chosen to address this anticipated issue in this manner)

Your comments pertaining to our spectator heating policy are still welcome.

* 17. If you or your child participates in our recreation, education or social programming; how do you find the programs in general?

* 18. Do you find value for the price that you paid to attend our programs?

* 19. If you or your child participated in a registered program, did you find our instructors:

* 20. Was there a sufficient number and variety of programs offered for all age groups?

* 21. We have teamed up with several tenants who provide a variety of services for our clientele.  Please take a moment to provide your feedback on the services these tenants provide.  Your feedback will be shared with our tenants.

* 22. How may Cardel Rec South work with your organization to further recreation, social and education opportunities in your community?

* 23. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your valuable feedback.  Data collected will be tabulated in Apriland will help our Board of Directors and Management formulate our two year business plan.