1. Commuter Car Show Ballot

Ready to vote for your favorite cars and bikes?
First, make sure to visit http://www.drexel.edu/oca/c/ to look at all of the contestants. Then mark the box for your favorite car in each category! (only one per category).

Also make sure to enter your name and email to be eligible to win some great prizes just for voting!

* 1. Who has the 1st best Built Not Bought Car?
Description: Is the only thing your car has in common with the one on the showroom floor the company's em- blem? If your car is a rolling expression of your personality, built from the ground up, show our University your true-one -of-a-kind! (Moderately to heavily modified vehicles, no restrictions)

(check out http://drexel.edu/oca/c to check out the contestants for 1st Built Not Bought!)

* 2. Which car is 1st for The Daily Commuter?
Description: Does it get you from point A to B with no questions asked? If your ride is what gets you through your daily grind of life, we'd like to see your daily-drivers! (No restrictions)

(check out http://drexel.edu/oca/c/to check out the contestants for The Daily Commuter Car!)

* 3. Which car is the Philly VIP?
Description: Does the number of cupholders matter more than the number of cylinders? If fine leather and woodgrain trim express your ride's executive reputation, show Drexel your definition of a stylish luxury car!

(check out http://drexel.edu/oca/c/ to check out the contestants for The Philly VIP!)

* 4. Which car is the 1st Power Sport Vehicle?
Description: Do you think four wheels and doors are over-rated? Prove to us that two wheels and off-roading are truly more fun! (Any automobile not classified as a car: motorcycles, scooters, ATVs, etc.)

(check out http://drexel.edu/oca/ to check out the contestants for The Power Sports!)

* 5. As a voting participant, you have a chance to win a variety of prizes. To be eligible for the raffle, submit your ballot and answer the following questions: