* 1. Name of event

* 2. Name

* 3. School

* 4. Year

* 5. How would you rate this talk/workshop, between 1 and 10, where 1 is boring and 10 is interesting?

* 6. Extra question for Summer school: how would you rate these sessions of the Summer School, where 1 is boring and 10 is interesting?

  Boring Interesting
Ancient Greek Language classes
Lecture: Dr Stephen Heyworth, Augustan Poets on the 'Toga of Race'
Seminar: Mr Christopher Mallan, don't lets be beastly to the Germans
Seminar: Prof Chris Pelling, Herodotus the Racist?
Ashmolean Museum and Workshop visit
Seminar: Dr Peter Thonemann: Racial stereotypes in Green Art
Seminar: Dr Lllewelyn Morgan: Juvenal on not being Roman
Seminar: Dr Lucia Nixon: whose past is it anyway?
HE workshop
Mentoring sessions

* 7. What wast the best part of the workshop?

* 8. How could the workshop have been improved?

* 9. Did this event increase your interest in learning the Classics?

* 10. Why?

* 11. What attracts you to learning the Classics?

* 12. Summer School: Are you studying/ planning to continue studying Latin/Classics?

* 13. If not, why not?