A letter from the Chair of the Canowindra District Community Bank® Project Steering Committee

A Confidential Survey to Help Us Establish a Bank of Our Own!

Dear community member

You may be aware that we are working hard to secure support to convert the newly opened Bendigo Bank agency in Canowindra into a full Community Bank® branch.
Community banking provides:
  • Access to full banking services
  • Long term commitment
  • Local employment opportunities
  • Branch staff who are local
  • Opportunities to attract further business into our district
  • Distribution of profits back into our community.
A Community Bank®, unlike other banks, keeps its profits locally which will help our community be successful and continue to flourish.

We have chosen to partner with Bendigo Bank with their already proven successful Community Bank® model that operates in 320 communities across Australia.

An amount in excess of $780,000 has already been pledged by community members to purchase shares in our bank.

However, it is important that we hear from as many people within our community. Your response to this survey will help the local Steering Committee and Bendigo Bank determine if a Community Bank® has the potential to be successful in our community.

If this is what our community wants and will support, then we will be only one small step away from opening our Bank.

Two surveys are available. One is for personal use, the other is for business or voluntary/community group use. If you are a business proprietor, please complete the personal survey for your personal banking and the business survey for your business banking.

All of the information you provide remains confidential.

We urge you to complete this survey now. Five minutes of your time could make the difference for us to get a Community Bank®.

Even if you have previously completed a pledge form, your assistance in completing a survey is important and will be greatly appreciated.

Please feel free to contact any of the following members of the Steering Committee for more information:
Cheryl Newsom - 0411 211 065
Eugene Marais - 0417 655 332
Michael Payten - 0428 443 209
Geoffrey Yeo - 0448 673 924
Richard Statham - 0429 443 215
Graham Rice - 0427 090 587
David Harrison - 0428 640 258

Cheryl Newsom, Chair
Canowindra District Community Bank® Project