Please read this context information in full before answering the questions below.  This survey has 2 questions and closes Nov 15, 2019.
The Province of Ontario is in the process of setting the rules for cannabis retailing. 

The province is proposing legislation that would permit municipalities to 'opt-out' of allowing cannabis retailing (physical stores) within their territory. 

A decision on this matter must be made by local municipal Councils by January 22nd, 2019.  If no decision is made by this date, cannabis retailing will be permitted in the municipality.

If a municipality does not opt-out, it will not have an opportunity to opt-out at a later date.  If a municipality does opt-out, it will have the opportunity to opt back in at a later date. 
If a municipality does permit cannabis retailing stores, it will not be able to further regulate the stores (i.e. license holder, look of store, location, hours of operation, security etc.).  All regulation and licencing will be federal or provincial.  The province is proposing that the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) would be the licencing and regulating body within the province.
You can find more information from the province and the AGCO here:

The Township wishes to better understand residents' positions on the matter of permitting or prohibiting cannabis retailing stores within the Township.  Two key questions are outlined below.

PLEASE NOTE: This survey is not about permitting or prohibiting the possession or consumption of cannabis within the Township.  As of October 17th, cannabis is a legal regulated product under federal law.

Question Title

* 1. Should the Township of Rideau Lakes permit retail cannabis stores within the Township?

Question Title

* 2. If the Township does not permit cannabis retailing stores within the Township in accordance with the one-time opt-out opportunity, should this decision be reviewed: