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What treatments do cancer exposed people have compared to those not exposed to cancer? Are there any differences?

You may complete this questionnaire for yourself or for someone you know. We estimate the questionnaire may take around 5 minutes for the 15 questions where you simply click your choice. Please complete all questions.

Consider that 1 out of every 2 (1 in 2) male and females will have a cancer exposure over their lifetime (http://seer.cancer.gov/statfacts/html/all.html#risk ). We seek your help to understand the scope of treatments taken if you have or have not been exposed to cancer.

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Psycho Genomics Research Institute Inc is a non-profit and registered charity cancer research organization.

In addition to this questionnaire , Psycho Genomics Research Institute Inc is at a stage where we would like to set up a cancer clinical trial on psychological psychosocial and genomics analysis. The clinical trial proposal can be obtained trom our website home page at www.psycho-genomics.com in the announcement. It has the link "Research clinical trial proposal" . Simply click on that link to read the proposal.

Further information and background including the research paper and a copy of the E-book are on our website www.psycho-genomics.com Extensive research over 10 years has reached the point that would enable us to propose this clinical trial. We are also seeking support, resources, partnerships etc to set up the clinical trial.

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