You are being asked to participate in a research study.   
The purpose of this study is to develop an understanding of health care professional, patients and members of the public experiences of seeking access to and using cancer genetic services in an Irish context.
If you wish to participate in the study, you will be asked to complete an online survey where we will seek your perspectives relating to your experiences of seeking access to and using cancer genetic services in an Irish context. The survey takes approximately fifteen minutes to complete
There are minimal potential harms from your participation in this study. Findings from this study may help to influence policy makers to address potential barriers to accessing and using cancer genetic services in an Irish context.
You may choose not to participate in this study.
PARTICIPANTS AGREEMENT: This is to confirm that I have been informed about this study:
-I understand that there are minimal risks to me taking part.
-I understand that my taking part in the study is voluntary.
-I understand that the sponsors and investigators have such insurance as is required by law in the event of injury resulting from this research.
-I understand that all the information given will be highly confidential. My name or personal details are not collected as part of this research.
- Confidentiality of records concerning my involvement in this project will be maintained.  When required by law, the records of this research may be reviewed by government agencies and sponsors of the research, as all anonymized data will be retained in the University College Cork on file for a period of ten years.
-I understand that results of the study will be published in the study report, scientific journals and shared at relevant conferences.
-I have had the opportunity to contact the research team to ask questions concerning any and all aspects of the project.
-I am aware that this study has obtained ethical approval from The Clinical Research Ethics Committee of the Cork Teaching Hospitals (CREC).

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* 1. Data Protection Notice
The purpose of processing this data is for scientific research related to this study. This data will be stored for ten years as outlined by University College Corks data protection guidelines. As part of the project, consent to participate will be obtained without the requirement for a signature. All data is anonymized and is not linked to an individual person.  There will be no further processing of the data beyond what is described in this information leaflet and consent form. The data will be kept in a secure encrypted device at University College Cork and destroyed after ten years as per UCCs records and retention policies and in compliance with GDPR guidelines.

  • Data controller’s/ Joint Controller’s Identity: Professor Josephine Hegarty 
  • Data Controller’s/Joint Controller’s Contact Details:; 021-4901462
  • Data Protection Officers Identify: UCC'S Data Protection Officer
  • Data Protection Officers Contact details:
  • This study is funded by the Irish Cancer Society.
  • The Principal Investigator Directing this Research is Professor Josephine Hegarty  who can be contacted  at: and 087-4177062

I hereby consent to participate in the above described project.  After reading the entire consent form, if you have no further questions about giving consent, please tick the consent form where indicated.

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