The following survey is intended for health professionals in Canada. Your input will help us improve our evidence-based resources for you and your patients. This survey will take about five minutes to complete. Thank you for your feedback.

* 1. I am a:

* 2. Select the province where you practice:

* 3. Please name your city and workplace institution

* 4. What percentage of your practice is focused on Parkinson’s disease?

* 5. On average how many Parkinson's patients do you:

* 6. What sources do you use to keep up to date on Parkinson's research, treatment and patient management? (Please check all that apply)

* 7. Along with the Canadian Neurological Sciences Federation Annual Congress what other international conferences, if any, have you attended? (Please list all by name below)

* 8. Based on your clinical experience, what are the top two care gaps impacting Parkinson's disease?

* 9. In your opinion, what two changes in the diagnosis, treatment and management of Parkinson's would have the most positive outcomes with patients?

* 10. Would an electronic medical record (STAMP) help you monitor your Parkinson's patients?

* 11. Do you have access to (or make referrals to) a multidisciplinary team (Physiotherapist, Speech Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, Social Worker) to help manage Parkinson’s patients?

* 12. What topics would you like covered in future guidelines?

* 13. What type of document would you prefer if guidelines were updated (rank order)?

* 14. Would you visit, Parkinson Society Canada's website for health professionals, to learn about Parkinson's disease and to access educational resources?

* 15. Did you attend the Canadian Neurological Sciences Federation Congress in Montreal in June 2013?