Celebrate Canada's 150th in Parksville!
Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation in 2017 marks a significant milestone for our country. We have begun planning to determine how Parksville should mark the Sesquicentennial and we’d love to hear your ideas on how we can tie the past to the future, showcase Parksville in 2017 and create a legacy for future generations. We have created this survey to get us started and hope you will share your ideas and inspiration for 2017, provide your thoughts on what inspires you as a Canadian and how we can celebrate in 2017.
Looking for memories of Parksville in 1967...
We are also hoping to have residents share their memories from 1967, especially those who lived in Parksville in 1967. We realize many of you will not have been born in 1967 and many more were living somewhere else in 1967. You can just skip over the first three questions and start with what it means to you to be Canadian. 
Thanks for participating in this survey and sharing your ideas. We will publish comments and ideas on our website in October. Deadline to complete this survey is September 30.
If you have questions or would rather chat in person, please contact Deb Tardiff at dtardiff@parksville.ca or 250 954-3073. 

* 1. What does it mean to you to be Canadian?

* 2. What makes you proud to be Canadian?

* 3. What is your favourite Canadian thing/things?

* 4. How would you like Canada to be seen by the world in 2017?

* 5. We all know Parksville has the best Canada Day celebrations on Vancouver Island. How should the City of Parksville celebrate Canada Day in 2017?

* 6. What other celebrations or events would you like to see to mark the Sesquicentennial?

* 7. Now a few questions for those who remember 1967...

What is your favourite memory of 1967?

* 8. What made it memorable?

* 9. Where were you living in 1967?

* 10. Please provide any other comments you may have in the space provided below.

* 11. If you would like to help with organizing events in 2017, please leave your name and email address and we will get back to you.