Campus Recreation is presenting a survey on line to evaluate on how we are being viewed by all our building users in an attempt to improve the quality of our services and equipment. Your opinions are highly valued and we strongly encourage comments.

* 1. Gender of Individual answering the survey:

* 2. Status of Individual answering questionnaire:

* 3. How many times per week do you use the services of the Campus Recreation Customer Service Counter?

* 4. In your most recent Customer Service experience how did you contact the representative at the counter?

* 5. How would you rate our Customer Service Staff on being knowledgeable, courteous, friendly, and helpful?

* 6. How do you rate the appearance of the Campus Recreation Service Counter and Staff?

* 7. Which of the following services have you used? (Mark all that apply)

* 8. How would you rate the quality of the towels and equipment being made available for checkout?

* 9. Do you have any suggestions/comments for improving our selection of checkout equipment or services being provided?

* 10. How do you rate our commitment to customer satisfaction?