Campbells Bay Tennis Club Questionnaire

Campbells Bay Tennis Club is in the process of reviewing its plans for the future. Thank you in advance for filling out this questionnaire as it will assist us to prioritise the key objectives for our Club in the future.

Your input and opinions will help us to gain a true and well-rounded picture of where we’re at and how we can improve all aspects of the club for all our members.

Please try not to ‘sit on the fence’ in your responses, if you believe things are brilliant, say so, if you are really disappointed in some aspects of the organisation, feel free to rate those aspects lowly. This will give us a true indication of where we are at and the magnitude of the task ahead of us all.

All responses to this questionnaire will be pooled together to get a gauge (or sample) of where CBTC is at today and this will form the starting point for our Strategic Plan. We will not be identifying individuals in any aspect of our planning, so please be brutally honest in your appraisal. We will then be able to focus and concentrate on what is really important.

This survey is being carried out by Harbour Sport as an independent body and Kevin O’Leary (Community Sport Engagement Manager) will be collating the results and reporting to CBTC.
This survey represents a significant opportunity for you to help CBTC deliver the very best possible experience to our members.

Thank you again for taking the trouble to answer it honestly.

Campbells Bay Tennis Club Committee

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* 1. CBTCToday - Remember that this information remains totally confidential

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