CampaignTech is an annual conference by C&E magazine, focused on techno-powered politics, and intended to expand attendees knowledge of practical politics & refine their digital communications skills. This year the 2013 CampaignTech conference will take place on April 18th & 19th at the Washington Marriott in Washington, DC.

The Conference thrives on the participation of the digital politics and advocacy communities. Our 2013 CampaignTech conference is no exception. This year you can submit one or more ideas for a breakout panel at the 2013 CampaignTech conference. Winning panels will be selected by the CampaignTech conference team, and the submitters of each winning panel will receive the opportunity to speak at CampaignTech.

This year, panels will be selected in one of four tracks, designed to meet the needs and interests of different audiences:
  •   Campaign Strategist
  •   Political Organizer
  •   Issue Advocate
  •   Technologist

The deadline for submitting panel entries is January 25th.

A few tips before you begin:
  •   Think creatively about your subject and title. Catchy titles, along with good, well-organized content, tend to drive attendance.
  •   Proof your work. What you submit will be final copy.
  •   Avoid submissions that advertise your company or tool. They simply won’t be accepted.
  •   Recommend speakers. This is an important part of the process. We’ll look at the diversity and expertise of your speaker recommendations when selecting panels.
  •   Be 100% certain that you will be in Washington, DC on April 19th to speak on your breakout session.

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