This survey is to collect information on what cameras have specifications related to the Flow Visualization course. Results are posted at http://www.colorado.edu/MCEN/flowvis/course/index.html. Yes, you'll get credit for filling this out.
If you don't know the answer to a question, just skip it.

* 1. Your name

* 2. Manufacturer

* 3. Model

* 4. Price? Check online for current new and/or used price.

* 5. Mpixels

* 6. ISO maximum

* 7. Minimum focus distance in macro mode

* 8. Optical zoom range in mm. Also include X ratio (i.e. 3x) and 35 mm equivalent range, if available.

* 9. Can the exposure value (EV) be changed? i.e. under or over expose the image?

* 10. Can you choose the aperture (Av, or aperture priority), the shutter speed (Tv), or both (Manual mode)?

* 11. Can you set the focus manually?

* 12. Can you set a focus lock, or turn off 'continuous autofocus (AF)'?

* 13. Is there a video or movie mode?

* 14. Do you have any comments about this camera?

* 15. If available, please enter a link to the online camera specifications.