Thank you for taking 5 to 10 minutes to complete this survey and help plan the future of Camas! Please also join us at the community visioning workshop scheduled for February 4, 2020 at Camas High School  in the North Commons Area from 6:30 – 9 p.m.

The North Shore Subarea Plan is an opportunity for the Camas community to identify a vision for the area north of Lacamas Lake. To create the vision, the City is conducting a series of visioning activities, including online community surveys and in-person community meetings.

The first online survey was live from Sept. 10 to Oct. 13 and received nearly 600 responses, and the first community meeting was held on Nov. 21 and attended by approximately 150 community members. A summary of the first survey, recording of the Nov. 21 meeting, and other outreach materials, are available on the project website.

This second online survey is a continuation of earlier outreach efforts as the City continues to seek more input into the North Shore vision. The aim is to involve as many community members as possible in the process and see how opinions might change over the course of the project.   

We’ve heard a lot from the community about the importance of maintaining open space and natural resources in the North Shore area. The City also values these resources and is committed to preserving natural areas. To that end, the City recently acquired over 100 acres in the North Shore for parks and open space – 12% of the area!

The City is required by state law to plan for the projected population increase for Camas over the next 20 years. Open space preservation must also be balanced with a respect for the property rights of those that own property in North Shore. The City wants your help in making sure we grow in the right way and preserve the things you love most about this community. To learn more about how the City must plan for growth and state guidelines, visit the City’s website

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