Examinations by Alphabetical Order

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IMPORTANT: The State of California is acting quickly to protect public health and safety as we respond to novel coronavirus (COVID-19). CALTRANS will be postponing all CALTRANS in-person exams until further notice. We aim to provide the public updated information as it becomes available. We appreciate your patience as work to minimize new introduction of the virus and delay community spread continues.
Glossary. Below are the definitions of several terms that you may come across throughout the Exam Plan. If you have any questions about an examination, please reach out to askexams@dot.ca.gov or call (916) 227-7858
  • CalCareer Account - Required in order to apply for job postings and to receive an examination score. With an account, the applicant can manage their personal information, take state civil service examinations/assessments, store different versions/templates of their application (STD.  678), apply for vacancies across 150 departments statewide, and track application statuses. Applicants can electronically receive contact letters and set up notifications for new job postings, upload and store your resume, cover letter, transcripts, licenses/certificates, or other additional documents.
  • CalCareer ID - Is one way to identifying individuals in CalCareers, it is rooted in the Profile and displayed on all app Records, Eligibility Records, and App Accounts. The CalCareer ID may have many Eligibility Records and Applicant Records, however the CalCareer ID may  only belong to ONE Profile and CalCareer Account.
  • CalCareers/calcareers.ca.gov (also jobs.ca.gov) - CalHR maintained website where all examinations and job postings for all state departments are located.
  • CalHR (California Department of Human Resources) - Oversight human resources agency for all state departments and the owner of CalCareers (calcareers.ca.gov). All examinations and job postings are routed through CalCareers. 
  • Exam Code - Identifying number unique to each department's examinations.
  • E&E (Education and Experience Evaluation) - Examination that measures a candidate's education and experience as described on their STD. 678 (Standard State Application).
  • ModQAP (Modified Qualifications Appraisal Panel) - Examination that presents candidates with a series of patterned questions that they must respond to while utilizing a computer terminal within a given amount of time. 
  • Open - Any candidate may compete who meets the minimum qualifications of the classification being administered. Veterans preference is applied to qualifying veterans who pass the exam.
  • Open/Non-promotional (also Open/Non-promo) - Any candidate may compete who meets the minimum qualifications of the classification being administered. Career Credits are applied to the final score of the examination to those candidates who meet the criteria. 
  • Performance - Examination that has a candidate demonstrate specific skills by performing segments of work using identified tools, materials, equipment, and methods.
  • Promotional (also Promo) - Examinations that can only be taken by a current permanent Caltrans employee; a current state employee who has held a permanent appointment with Caltrans within the last three years and has no break in civil service; is a current or former employee of the legislature for two or more years; is a current or former non-elected exempt employee of the executive branch for two or more years; an honorably discharged veteran. Must meet the minimum qualifications of the classification being administered. 
  • Supplemental Application Questionnaire (also Supplemental Application) - Examination that requires a candidate complete a supplemental application, in addition to the STD. 678, in which the candidate may be asked to provide their work experience, accomplishments, and respond to patterned questions. 
  • T&E (Training and Experience Evaluation) - Examination that has a candidate indicate specific training and/or experience relevant to job-related knowledge, skills, and abilities. 
  • Written - Examination that requires candidates to respond to questions that test for specific, well-defined, and job-related knowledge, skills, and abilities.