Hello Potential IBPA PubU Online Faculty!

Do you have an idea for a webinar that would be appropriate for independent publishers? Would you like to share your knowledge in a particular subject area? If so, IBPA invites you to contribute to our 2017-18 Call for Webinar Proposals.

IBPA offers more than 20 webinars each year on topics that have included:
  • audiobooks
  • book reviews
  • bookstores
  • book design
  • distribution (print & digital)
  • ebooks
  • editorial
  • finance
  • general publishing issues
  • libraries
  • marketing
  • metadata
  • ONIX
  • online book sales
  • personal development
  • printing
  • print on demand
  • publicity
  • publishing law
  • social media
  • start-up basics
  • subsidiary rights
  • websites
You're invited to help us develop webinars that will be informative, inspirational, and actionable. Whether you're a veteran IBPA presenter, or new to us, we want to hear from you!

Please review the information you’ll be asked to provide in your proposal by downloading this document. We recommend typing your answers in Word and pasting them into the fields below.

If you have any questions, please email Lee Wind, IBPA Director of Marketing and Programming, at lee@ibpa-online.org. He's happy to help!

* 1. Contact Information

* 2. Webinar Title

* 3. Topic


Beginner: Attendees have no previous exposure to the topic and are not expected to actively contribute to discussion and the solution of difficult problems discussed. The presentation will go over basic concepts in great detail.

Intermediate: Attendees have working knowledge of the topic and a general sense of how to apply this knowledge to the day-to-day work of publishing. The presentation is geared toward those looking to expand their knowledge and skill set beyond the fundamentals to the more complex or nuanced aspects of the topic. Sessions will typically combine speaker presentations with interactive discussion.

Advanced: Attendees have sufficient experience and understanding of the topic and are capable of actively contributing to the discussion. The presentation will not review basic concepts, but instead:
  • Assume mastery of concepts and principles discussed. Time should not be devoted to reviewing basic principles, unless it is central to setting up a more in-depth, advanced conversation about the topic.
  • Aim to provide attendees with in-depth knowledge of an area and a robust set of skills required for addressing difficult problems.

* 4. Webinar Level

* 5. Webinar Description: Please provide an overview of the webinar topic, including the significance and/or timeliness of such a session and specific issues that will be covered.

* 6. Learning Objectives: Learning objectives are used to provide attendees with information about what new knowledge, skills, resources, or information they can expect to gain from the webinar. Please submit three items that attendees will learn or be able to accomplish at the completion of your webinar.

* 7. What Makes You The Perfect Expert To Present On This Topic? 
Please don't simply cut and paste your bio – pitch us why you have the experience and insight to present on this topic. (And yes, you can do this in 3rd person, if that's easier!) Tell us what about you will CONVINCE an audience interested in the subject to sign up:

Webinars are held on Wednesdays from 10:00-11:00 AM Pacific Time.

Please indicate the months that you would be available to present a webinar, factoring in time to develop and practice the webinar at least two weeks in advance of the program date. IBPA does not hold webinars on national holidays, during BookExpo America, the American Library Association Annual Conference, and Frankfurt Book Fair.

* 8. Please indicate the months that you would be available to present a webinar:

* 9. If you know of any scheduling conflicts during the months you selected above, please list them here:

* 10. You must agree to the terms of this Call for Webinar Proposals in order for your submission to be considered.
  • I understand that all proposed faculty may not be selected to present the session outlined in the submission, due to IBPA's continued efforts to ensure participation from faculty of diverse backgrounds and institutional and/or organizational affiliations.
  • I understand that IBPA reserves the right to edit webinar descriptors/learning objectives.
  • I understand that if my submission is selected, I will be expected to complete all subsequent stages of the planning process and execute the webinar.