Customer Satisfaction Survey

The California Architects Board (Board) continually strives to provide the best customer service to consumers, candidates, and licensees. Please take a moment to complete the survey regarding your most recent experience with the Board's staff.

* 1. Board staff is courteous when contacted by phone.

* 2. Board staff assistance is efficient.

* 3. Board staff assistance is accurate.

* 4. Board’s website contains useful information.

* 5. Board's website is organized so that information is easy to find.

* 6. The processing of my application was timely.

* 7. The processing of my application was accurate.

* 8. The processing of my renewal was timely.

* 9. The processing of my renewal was accurate.

* 10. The processing of my name change or change of address was accurate.

* 11. The complaint process was described fully and accurately.

* 12. Overall, I was satisfied with the service I received from the Board.

* 13. If your answer was below a seven (7) for any of the previous items, please provide details of your experience and any suggestions for improvement.

* 14. Please tell us how we can improve our services, or what additional services we might provide.

* 15. Please tell us if someone was particularly helpful to you.

* 16. Please indicate the nature of your interaction with the Board.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Responses will assist the Board in improving and expanding our services for consumers, candidates, and licensees.