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This is a survey of Alumni, cadets faculty and staff of the Virginia Military Institute to gather your opinions on the uniform policy for professors at VMI conducted by The Cadet newspaper. As it's been since its creation by cadets supported by alumni in 1871, The Cadet is an independent publication where cadets maintain total editorial control of its contents. All responses are completely confidential to The Cadet staff.
The Cadet 
For any questions contact us at:

There has been some discussion regarding if VMI Faculty, Staff, and Administration (Excluding Active Duty military serving in VMI ROTC assignments) should wear military uniforms in the performance of duties at the Institute. Throughout the history of VMI the policy varied. With discussion of another change, The Cadet is gathering opinions from the Corps of Cadets, VMI Alumni and VMI staff.

We are contacting you to participate in a survey concerning if professors on the VMI faculty should wear uniforms an, if so, what the policy should be compared to what it is.

The results will be published in an upcoming issue of The Cadet newspaper.

You can confirm that this is a valid study and requirement by contacting The Cadet at the email address provided. 

Project Description:  The purpose of this Survey is to determine the opinion of the Corps of Cadets and alumni regarding the wear of military uniforms by professors at VMI and, where those groups favor the wear of uniforms that is not universal for all professors, to identify what should be the criteria for the wear of the uniform compared to the current policy.

We need your help to capture the opinions of the Corps of Cadets and Alumni on this issue. The results of this survey are non-attribution.

Procedure and Risks: We are asking you to provide information through a series of questions. No personal identifiers will be used in any report to ensure your anonymity. You can decide not to answer any question. The results of these surveys will become the property of the project. You may be asked at a later date if you would agree for select comments to be shared, however you will be given a waiver document to sign, or not sign, in order to allow your comments to be shared. THIS WILL BE A COMPLETELY OPEN AND TRANSPARENT PROCESS following federal survey standards and Institutional Review Board protocols.  You are completely free to discuss the questions and the survey We welcome your input on any areas the survey does not cover you feel is important and for any input on the questions themselves if you find they do not achieve the desired goal.

Your responses will be kept anonymous, without any reference to your identity, and your identity will be concealed in any reports written. 

There are no known risks associated with participation in the study. 

Benefits: It is hoped that the results of this study will be of benefit in capturing, validating, and categorizing the opinions on wear of uniforms by VMI professors and, if applicable, any policy covering who can or should be allowed or required to wear military uniforms. 

I agree to participate in this survey for the project. This survey is solely for VMI alumni and cadets. It is not for VMI administration, faculty, staff or others outside of those two key stakeholder groups.

If you provide the optional email at the end of the survey we will send you a copy of the survey results and contact you for clarification of any of your responses needed.  Any emails collected will be purged and destroyed at the end of the survey.  They will NOT be disclosed to anyone outside The Cadet staff and used only for the purposes of this survey. If you decide to Opt Out of completing the survey please enter your email and you will be removed from the email list for any reminders.

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* 1. Confidentiality: All information collected during the study period will be kept strictly confidential until such time as you sign a release waiver. No publications or reports from this project will include identifying information on any participant without your signed permission, and after your review of the materials if you agree to join this study.

I agree to participate in one or more surveys where my comments and other input may be captured online or notated for this project. I understand that such interviews and related materials will be kept completely anonymous, and that the results of this study may be published in the workload study report.

I agree that any information obtained from this project may be used in any way thought best for this study, given that responses are provided anonymously.

I agree to these Terms and Conditions.

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* 2. What is your category?

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* 3. If you are a cadet or alumni what is or was your VMI class?

Question Title

* 4. Regarding the wear of uniforms by the VMI Faculty.

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* 5. What is the reason for your answer on wear of uniforms (optional)

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* 6. If you feel wear of the military uniform should be based on a clear policy for who should or should not wear it, what should be elements of that policy (check all that apply)?

Question Title

* 7. What recommended changes, if any, do you have to VMI General Order 37 regarding professors and uniforms?
(SELECT THIS LINK TO REVIEW GO 37 in a new window)

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* 8. What recommended changes, if any, do you have to the VMI Faculty and Staff Handbook regarding professors and uniforms? (SELECT THIS LINK TO REVIEW THE HANDBOOK SECTIONS)

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* 9. What recommended changes, if any, do you have to VMI General Order 80 regarding professors and uniforms? (SELECT THIS LINK TO REVIEW GO 80 in a new window

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* 10. Please provide your email or name for verification you are a VMI Cadet, Alumnus, Faculty or Staff
Your information WILL NOT BE DISCLOSED to anyone outside The Cadet Staff. This is purely to ensure that all responses are from legitimate stakeholders in the VMI family.

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