Thank you for participating in this brief survey!

The City of Avalon is asking residents, businesses and visitors to tell us what enhancements, amenities and improvements they would like to see at The Cabrillo Mole.  The Cabrillo Mole Ferry Terminal is the primary access point for visitors and residents of the City of Avalon. The terminal serves not only ferry passenger service, but also serves to connect passengers with other modes of transportation including bus service, taxi’s, pedestrian and bicycle access.  The City has received grant funding to repair the undercarriage and upgrade the restroom facilities but is seeking additional grant funding and exploring public-private partnerships for future infrastructure investments. Please share your ideas and comments!


* 1. How would you rate the dismbarking experience at the Cabrillo Mole?

* 2. What influenced your answer to that question?

* 3. How would you rate the embarkation experience at The Cabrillo Mole?

* 4. What influenced your answer to that question?

* 5. Which of these would you like to see incorporated into The Cabrillo Mole? (Click all that apply)

* 6. My BIG Idea for The Mole is.....

* 7. I am:

* 8. I am (check all that apply) :

* 9. I am: