All scholarship recipients will become Ammon Recovery Scholars.
The goals of the Ammon Recovery Scholar Program are:
  1. Provide access to education for individuals in recovery
  2. Afford recipients of the scholarship the opportunity to enhance and use their abilities to serve others in the recovery community
  3. Create a supportive peer community whose focus is to advance the mission of combating the stigma associated with addiction and to promote that recovery is possible
Ammon Recovery Scholars are ambassadors of the Ammon Foundation and play a vital role in furthering our mission. Scholars personal recovery stories are essential to help combat the stigma connected to the disease of addiction, by promoting that recovery is possible.

The benefits of being an Ammon Recovery Scholar
  1. Membership in a National Foundation
  2. Scholarship
  3. Leadership development
  4. Professional development
  5. Community of peers passionate about combating stigma of addiction
  6. Networking opportunities
  1. Remain enrolled in the educational program
  2. Remain in good academic standing
  3. Complete a check-in once during the academic term
  4. Share a short testimonial (one to three sentences), including first name, that will be used in social media
  5. Join social media outlet (Ammon Recovery Scholar group) to keep up to date with events, support each other, and build community
Ammon Impact and Education Scholarship Recipients Required
Ammon Academic and Special Scholarship Recipients Optional
  1. Submit a Recipient Profile
  2. Sign a photo release
  3. Attend at least one event related to recovery or the foundation
  4. Attend Leadership Summit in August (if distance permits)

The Ammon Scholarship Selection Committee looks forward to reading and reviewing your application.

* 1. Today's Date

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* 2. Employees of The Ammon Foundation and Ammon Labs are not eligible to apply for Ammon Foundation Scholarships. Any dependent child born to a full-time, part time or contracted employee or retiree, or legally adopted by an employee, or a stepchild residing in the same household as an employee or retiree do NOT qualify for the award.

* 3. Contact Information

* 4. What type of school are you applying for?

* 5. Date of birth

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* 6. Which category below includes your age?

* 7. Gender

* 8. Which race/ethnicity best describes you? (Please choose only one.)

* 9. How did you first hear about the Ammon Foundation?

* 10. Are you a veteran?

* 11. Recovery Anniversary

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* 12. Current Length in Recovery?

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i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

* 13. Recovery Pathway

* 14. Name of educational institution or organization

* 15. Tuition (program tuition or upcoming semester tuition)

* 16. Estimated additional school related expenses (books, supplies, fees, transportation, etc.)

* 17. Anticipated financial aid (grants/scholarships)

* 18. If  you are currently enrolled in college or HS equivalent program, what was your GPA average for the last semester?

* 19. Please enter your Student ID if you have one

* 20. Number of people in your household

* 21. How are your household members related to you?

* 22. Annual Household Gross Income

* 23. Which of the following categories best describes your employment status?

* 24. If employed, job title

* 25. If employed, your individual annual income:

* 26. List any hobbies and volunteer experience you have

* 27. List any awards or honors you have received

* 28. Tell us your recovery story (up to 500 words)

* 29. What impact would receiving this scholarship have on you? (up to 500 words)

* 30. What is your educational and career goal? (up to 500 words)

* 31. Scholarships are distributed by check to the educational institution directly or to an identified book store. Once you choose which one you prefer, please let us know the following information to use if you are chosen as a recipient:
Department where check should be mailed to
Contact Person

* 32. For some awards an interview is necessary.  Do you agree to a phone/in person interview?

* 33. Upload transcripts, acceptance letter or Information about desired educational pathway

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* 34. I understand that if I am awarded a scholarship, I agree to participate in the Ammon Recovery Scholars Program (see program description above in the intro).

* 35. Upload Recommendation Letter 1 (academic or professional)

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* 36. Upload Recommendation Letter 2 (personal, someone familiar with your recovery)

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* 37. Upload Identification:  copy of drivers license or government issued ID

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* 38. Upload Financial Verification: last paycheck, W2, or letter from employer verifying salary

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* 39. If you do not meet financial eligibility criteria, please explain your financial need for a scholarship.

* 40. We are tracking data on our four pillars (housing, health insurance, employment and education).  Do you currently have health insurance?

* 41. We are tracking data on our four pillars (housing, health insurance, employment and education).  What is your Housing Status?