How do we learn best, if not from the stories of others . . . taking in their wisdom, noting their mistakes made, using the resources they stumbled upon along their journey's path?

FCA is helping practiced family caregivers share experiences with those new to caregiving—a life task that can often feel isolating—with this 3 question survey. We're gathering moving and compelling stories of caregivers around the country to put in a special "CaregiverCONNECT"section on our new public website just weeks away from launching. It will be an area for caregivers to share questions, comments, resources and advice.

The best stories will be displayed on our new website—but you can choose how your information is displayed (no name but gender, age, town and state listed; first name and last initial; or full name.) We will alert you by email if your story is chosen. Please be willing to send along a photo of you and the loved one you care for to accompany the story if published).

Thank you for your willingness to participate. Now go get into your story-telling mode . . . !