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What are the TIP criteria?

The Boston Region MPO uses a set of criteria to evaluate the transportation projects being considered for capital funding through the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). These criteria align with the MPO’s goals established in the MPO’s Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP). The latest LRTP, Destination 2040, endorsed six goals for the region’s transportation system: Safety, System Preservation and Modernization, Capacity Management and Mobility, Clean Air/Sustainable Communities, Transportation Equity, and Economic Vitality, with corresponding objectives for each.

Why is the MPO making changes to the criteria?

These updated goals led the MPO to reimagine the TIP criteria and how it assesses projects within the MPO’s investment programs: Complete Streets, Intersection Improvements, Bicycle Network and Pedestrian Connections, Major Infrastructure, and Transit Modernization. The MPO is proposing these changes to help fulfill the MPO's vision of a modern, well-maintained transportation system that supports a sustainable healthy, livable, and economically vibrant region. Staff have proposed changes based on public input, practices from peer MPOs, and data and methodologies used by state and federal partners. Learn more about the details of the criteria in the TIP Criteria Guidebook.

Why are the criteria important?

Projects receive points based on the extent to which they meet each criterion. The more points a project scores, the more likely it is that the project will be funded. Projects compete against others in their respective investment programs and each project’s score is a major factor in whether the MPO chooses to fund it. Even though the MPO has to approve all projects that receive federal transportation funding, the criteria only apply to the projects funded using the MPO’s Regional Target funds.
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