1. PFC Participant Feedback

THANK YOU for allowing us the privilege to coach your developing athlete this week!

Please take this time to provide us your feedback (and your child’s perspective) on the Pro Football Camp. The goal of this survey is to recognize the strengths and shortcomings of the camp so that we can continue to improve for years to come! Your opinions and perspectives are invaluable to us! Thank you for taking the time to provide us your feedback.

1. From your child's perspective, what have been the top three “wow” experiences?

2. From your perspective, what have been the top three most valuable experiences or lessons your child has communicated to you?

3. What aspects of the Pro Football Camp do you, the parent, value the most and definitely want to see repeated next year?

4. In your own words…or your child’s own words…please provide us a testimonial. In other words, if you were sharing with a friend why they should come to the Pro football Camp, what would you tell them?

5. Can we please include this testimonial in our marketing materials?

6. How did you learn about the Pro Football Camp? (Please check all that Apply)