1. Better Business by learning about you...

I am driven to provide you with high quality, creative imagery that shouts from the roof tops positive messages about you and your business...I am passionate about what I do and I want to be passionate about what you do too!

I would love to learn a little more about how I can grow my business, but also how I can consequently help to grow yours.

Thank you in advance for taking part...it'll only take a moment, is a great thing to do if your having a 5 minute boredom break at work and hey...it's multiple choice so still loads of time to make that cuppa and grab yourself a biscuit.


* 1. What type of business are you in / what does your firm do?

* 2. How often do you have the need for photographic services in a year?

* 3. Do you manage your own branding, websites and marketing project internally or do you use a design / ad / marketing agency?

* 4. If you needed to find a photographer for your business, where is the first place you would look?

* 5. What would make you book me as a photographer?

* 6. Last but not least, how did you find my blog / website?