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* 1. Why do you access our content? (choose any that apply)

* 2. Would you like to see more or fewer of the following types of stories?

  More Less Keep the same
Technology stories
International defense spending
Business wins and losses
Original news reporting
Reviews of coverage on other sites
Industry personality profiles
Defense needs and requirements reviews
Market conditions stories
Culture/trends in defense
Political/legislative happenings
Opinion pieces

* 3. Which publications (including websites or newsletters) do you actually read, not just receive? (Please select all that apply.)

* 4. Please rank your top five industry news sources.

  Best 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Air Force Technology
AOL Defense
Army Technology
Aviation Week
Bloomberg Government
Defense Daily Network
Defense Industry Daily
Defense News
Defense Systems
Defense Technology International
Defense Update
Flight International
Forecast International
Inside Defense
Jane's defence publications (any of them)
Journal of Electronic Defense
Military & Aerospace Electronics
Naval Technology
Politico Pro

* 5. Why did you choose that favorite defense publication? In a few words, what makes it great?

* 6. Please check the categories for which you have keen interest (check all that apply):

* 7. From which side of the industry do you work?

* 8. How many years have you worked with the defense industry?

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