Working together, we can create significant, long-lasting change.  We invite you to join the collective impact partnership to improve outcomes from birth to career for all children and youth in Santa Fe.  

Becoming a Collective Impact Partner means that you commit to the following:

  1. Support the shared vision of achieving birth to career success, wellbeing, and equity for all Santa Fe children, youth and families including 2020 Targets and Aspirational Goals   
  2. Make concerted effort to align individual and organizational activities to improve community outcomes and indicators across the birth to career continuum
  3. Use data effectively to understand and inform how individual and collective decisions and actions contribute to improving outcomes with shared accountability.
  4. Support and participate in collective actions to connect and align individuals, organizations, and initiatives working toward the same outcomes and achieve greater collective impact
  5. Engage in community conversations and continuous learning to evaluate our past and on-going efforts and progress, identify and promote data-informed best practices, and apply lessons to increase the impact of our collaborative efforts and improve outcomes.

The Commitment Form is a statement of intent only, is not legally binding upon the parties, and implies no financial commitment on the part of any partner member. 

By completing and submitting this form, I/my organization agree(s) to be listed as a Collective Impact Partner of the Opportunity Santa Fe: Birth to Career, a joint collective impact effort of the Santa Fe Birth to Career Collaboration (SF B2C) and the Mayor’s Children Youth and Families Community Cabinet to improve outcomes from birth to career for all Santa Fe children, youth and families.   

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