1. Demographics

* 1. I am registered as doing a:

* 2. My main area:

* 3. I am:

* 4. I am:

* 5. I class myself as:

* 6. I can speak, read and write the following languages: (please specify language and your proficiency in each)

  Advanced Good Sufficient Limited
My first language
My second language
my third language

* 7. In the year/s immediately before starting my current research degree I:

* 8. The factors motivating me to do a research degree in Australia are/were: (choose one or more)

* 9. Currently I: (please choose one or more)

* 10. The topic or focus of my research is: (please specify and give details)

* 11. Most international research higher degree candidates I know are studying: (please specify topic or field)

* 12. Members of the research team are interested in interviewing you about the issues addressed in this questionnaire. If you would be interested in participating in an interview please provide contact details: