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Army Navy Country Club Trail Connector 
Concept Design Alternatives Engagement - Spring 2022

Welcome to the online feedback form for DES Transportation's Concept Design Engagement on the Army Navy Country Club (ANCC) Trail Connector project.

This feedback form will be open until the end of the day on Sunday, May 22, 2022.

More information about this project is available on the project page.

Feedback Form

The following pages will ask you to share thoughts on two conceptual alternatives for this key biking and walking connection between the Arlington View and Arlington Ridge neighborhoods.

There are no required questions, so it’s okay to skip to the sections that interest you most.

Table of Contents

Page 1: Introduction
Page 2: Optional demographic questions
Page 3: Project goals and background
Page 4: Engagement questions
Page 5: Introduction to Preliminary Design Alternatives
Page 6: Preliminary design 1 and engagement questions
Page 7: Preliminary design 2 and engagement questions
14% of survey complete.