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* 1. How Old Are You?

* 2. Are you a boy or girl?

* 3. Do you find it difficult to get on EcoBuddies?

* 4. How many times have you been on EcoBuddies?

* 5. How much do you like EcoBuddies?

* 6. How Many Accounts Do You have on EcoBuddies?

* 7. What makes you want to come back to EcoBuddies?

* 8. What makes EcoBuddies different from other virtual worlds?

* 9. What did you think when you first logged onto EcoBuddies?

* 10. Are there any problems on EcoBuddies that really bug you?

* 11. I would get so EXCITED if I could do this on EcoBuddies:

* 12. Do you want to get an EcoBuddies membership?

* 13. Have you asked your parent for a membership?

* 14. If you asked your parent for a membership what did they say?

* 15. What would make you want to get a membership most?