Sunday, April 6
2-3:30 pm
Seward Park
5902 Lake Washington Blvd, near park entrance
Free and open to the public

If these old trees could talk, what would they say? Come join Seattle’s Tree Ambassadors to get introduced to Seward Park’s beautiful trees and learn about some of the historical events – both peaceful and otherwise – that they have witnessed over the decades. More information can be found on the Seattle reLeaf website at

Driving Directions and Parking: Follow Lake Washington Blvd southbound, or take Seward Park Avenue northbound, turn east to the lake at Juneau Avenue, follow signs to Seward Park. Free parking available at the park within walking distance of the meeting spot. If you are late, or need help finding us, email Florence at The walk is approximately one hour in length at a leisurely pace on primarily flat paved trails. A great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors while discussing various aspects of the trees and history of Seward Park.

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