Thank you for taking our student menu survey!  We at Child Nutrition Services want to know what YOU think.  Please give us your honest feedback as it will help us design future menus and give you more of what you want!

* 1. What school  LUNCH menu items do you enjoy (select all that apply)?

* 2. On the LUNCH menu, I would like to see more (select all that apply):

* 3. For school BREAKFAST, I would like to see more (select all that apply):

* 4. What do you look for MOST when selecting school meals?

* 5. I would be more likely to eat school LUNCH everyday if:

* 6. I would be more likely to eat school BREAKFAST everyday if:

* 7. When it comes to the menu, I prefer:

* 8. Thank you for taking this survey! Show this screen to the staff at Child Nutrition Table for your thank you gift!