A Community Survey Evaluating Sacramento’s Local Government

Social Justice PolitiCorps (SJPC) envisions a Sacramento where all political decisions are made through a social justice lens. We define social justice as a redistribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges to those who have not historically benefited from such investments so that we can all do well.

This survey is for everyone! If you are not familiar with the information in this survey, please fill it out and tell us what you don’t know! It’s incredibly valuable for us to know how much people know about our local government.

The survey focuses on three things about our government: accessibility, transparency, and accountability. We hope to learn about your experience with our local government and how it is working or not working for you.

We appreciate your time and willingness to share with us!

The survey will take 10-15 minutes. There are 4 parts to the survey:
  • Part 1: Questions about the Sacramento County Government
  • Part 2: Questions about the Sacramento City Government (Sacramento City residents only)
  • Part 3: Questions about how much you follow local government
  • Part 4: Demographic questions (optional)

Elected officials listed for the governments of Sacramento County and the City of Sacramento reflect their current makeup, and do not include anyone elected in the 2024 primary or general elections.

Question Title

* 1. Do you live in the Sacramento County? If you're not sure use this tool to check!

6% of survey complete.