Award Criteria and Nominee Information

The Outstanding Practitioner Award is presented to an adult educator, student support specialist (case manager), MIS specialist, or other practitioner within adult education. Three or more years of adult education experience is required as well as participation in activities that promote the program within the community. This award is given to an individual who understands the characteristics of the adult learner and who is committed to the adult/continuing education profession.

Award Criteria:

1.     A current adult educator with three of more years of adult education experience

2.     Participates in school and community activities

3.     Communicates effectively with learners, colleagues, and supervisors

4.     Is committed to the adult/continuing education profession as well as his/her own lifelong learning (evidence of professional development)

5.     Understands the physical, psychological, social, and cognitive characteristics of the adult learner

6.     Accepts the learner’s cultural and ethnic uniqueness

7.     Provides a non-threatening, supportive atmosphere for learning, which fosters freedom of thought and expression

8.     Assists learners in formulating personal learning objectives and assessing progress towards those objectives

9.     Uses the instructional methods, techniques, materials, and resources most appropriate for the learning tasks and characteristics of the adult learner

10.    Nominee and nominator must be a PAACE member in good standing

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