Part of the mission for WF&FSA's Operations Committee is collecting and exchanging best practice ideas. This month we'd like to collect and share information on your flower coolers. When we've collected everyone's responses we will have Floralife's Steve Daum review the information and make suggestions that can help all of us operate a little better. The more responses we get the better the information will be that we return to you - your help is appreciated.

* 1. Do you have different coolers for holding dry product and product in water?

* 2. What percentage of flowers do you store in Water vs. Dry?

* 3. What temperature is your cooler set at for dry storage?

* 4. What temperature is your cooler set at for Wet Storage?

* 5. What temperature is your cooler set at for Tropical Storage?

* 6. What type of doors are on the cooler for pulling orders?

* 7. Is the humidity controlled in your cooler?

* 8. Do you have a maintenance contract for your cooler equipment?

* 9. If you do have a maintenance contract, does it include routine maintenance cheks and cleaning of the condensers?

* 10. How often do you clean the condensers each year?

* 11. Do you do anything to eliminate ethylene in your coolers?

* 12. If you work to eliminate ethylene, please describe:

* 13. How do you merchandise/display your cut flowers?

Thank you for taking the time to provide your input. It is greatly appreciated!