Democracy for NYC Endorsements in July of 2012

Welcome members of Democracy for NYC!

~We have been a local group of Democracy for America since 2004, and we are holding an endorsement vote in the New York City Comptroller race.

~Voting opens Tuesday night, August 13th, after our forum.

~You are eligible to vote if you have attended at least two of our events since Nov. 15, 2011 (the Howard Dean fundraiser). If you are not sure, just vote, and we will verify your eligibility later.

~Democracy for NYC leadership is committed to secret ballots. Votes will be counted by people in DFA groups in other states.

~To read the candidates' answers to our questionnaire, visit our website,, and look under Community, the menu in the middle of the page.

~Two Voters, One Computer: After you vote, the link to the survey will not allow you to vote again. If two voters wish to use the same computer, spouses or co-workers for example, the second voters should open the survey in a new browser.