* 1. Tell us a little about you please.

* 2. What was the first thing you thought when you landed on the home page?

* 3. When you went to drag the button, was your bookmark bar showing

* 4. What was the first action you took, first thing you tried to do on the zextit.com homepage?

* 5. Was the information on ZextIt.com enough for you to 1. Add the bookmark to the page, 2. Send your first zext from a webpage?

* 6. When shopping did you remember to zext someone? If so, what made you remember?

* 7. What would you use zextit for?

* 8. What wouldn't you use zextit for?

* 9. Who would you zext?

* 10. From viewing to sending a zext what did you find easy and what did you have problems with?

* 11. When sending a zext from the bookmark window what did you like, don't like or what else would you want to do?

* 12. What type of browser are you using?

* 13. If you are a Chrome user, do you use Chrome Extensions

* 14. What would make it easier to Zext a Friend? (for example, if you could just right click the image)

* 15. Would you send to a group (think, sending the same Zext to multiple people)

* 16. Would you share a Zext with a Community to get feedback from anonymous people?

* 17. Would you rate and comment on Zext from a community of users?

* 18. Please enter the email address where you would like to get paid via PayPal

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