All Answers Will Appear on Your Public, Business Directory Listing

Your Company Profile shares who you are and what you do! All answers will be displayed publicly in your company's profile in the Green Business Directory. You can also write about your company, what makes you a green business, and what folks have said about you!

Updating your Company Profile helps customers narrow in on the businesses they would like to support, offers more information to search engines, and helps EnviroStars and others publicize your business! You like to know exactly who you’re supporting and your customers do too!

Please Note:
- Feel free to skip any questions that you do not want publicly displayed.

- If you leave an answer blank because your Business Directory Listing is already up to date, we will keep the current information in your profile and we will not delete or update that answer in your Business Directory Listing.

- If you need to update your business logo or business photo and you are unable to login to your account, feel free to email your images to
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