1. Award Nominations Instructions/ Guidelines

The National Guard Association of North Dakota (NGAND) (also known as Officers Association) is now accepting nominations for the NGAND Warrant Officer, Company Grade and Field Grade Officers of the Year.

Please take the time to nominate someone you think deserving. Nominations may be made by ANY officer/ retired officer in good standing with the Officers Association, on behalf of ANY active officer of the ND Army or Air National Guard who are also members of the Officers Association in good standing.

Award period is: 01 Jan 2021 – 31 Dec 2021

Winners will be notified by the Immediate Past Chair of the Officers Association, with a courtesy notification provided to the officer's military chain of command as well as the nominating officer. Officers who were nominated but did not win will also notified by the Immediate Past Chair, along with the officer who nominated them.

All nominations must be submitted by  1700hrs Central on 31 Jan 2022. The on-line nomination form will automatically cease to take nominations after this time.

This site does not have the ability to save responses part way through, so we recommend that if you cannot complete the award nomination in one sitting, you capture your answers on an MS Word-type program and copy/ paste them into the collector once you have them ready for submission.

Questions are:

1. Please detail your nominee's accomplishments and summarize any military and/or civilian awards and decorations earned during the award period

Personal Development
2. Please detail your nominee's career progression, training, and professional development activities during the award period. Please include, but do not limit your response to, formal military and civilian education

Community Service/Volunteerism
3. Please detail any community service activities the nominee has performed during the award period which demonstrate leadership or exemplary character

4. Talk about any unique leadership qualities and/or character displayed by the nominee during the award period and briefly tell the selection committee why they should choose your nominee over all the others who are being submitted in their category

Good Luck and thanks for taking the time to recognize your fellow officer!