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Homeowner Assistance 
These funds are available to income-qualified persons to help pay mortgages(current and delinquent), other charges such as property taxes, insurance premiums and utilities/internet.

Eligible Households may receive up to 10,000 in assistance based on available funding. There are no geographic restrictions, so Tolowa Households anywhere in the US can receive assistance, if you meet the eligibility criteria.

Am I eligible?
Fill out the application and find out.
In general, your household is eligible if:
  • You are a Tolowa Citizen.
  • You are a homeowner.
  • Your household income is 150% or less than the Area Median Income where you live, or 100% of US Median Income.  (Maximum income limits for Del Norte County are $79,900- $104,550/yr for a family of four.  
  • You have experienced a financial hardship due to COVID-19 since January 21, 2020.
  • The home is your primary residence.

How Do I apply?
1. Fill out the application, attaching a copy of your income, proof of homeownership (i.e. current mortgage).  All information is used only for the assistance determination and will be kept strictly confidential.

2. Sign or type your name.
I'm not able to apply online, can you help?
Yes, call Main Office, 707-487-9255, and ask for help with Homeowners Assistance Application. We will help you apply.

How long does it take to find out if I will get assistance?
Once all requested documentation is received you will be notified within 10 days. Any application approved by the 10th of the month will have payments issued for the future month. Staff will contact you for next steps.

Is this limited to the 5-County Service Area?
No, this funding comes from the US Treasury, and all Tribal Households, regardless of location, can apply. 

What is considered utilities?
Utilities are electricity, internet, water, sewer, and any home-heating bill such as oil, gas.

Are there any restrictions?

This funding cannot duplicate any other federal assistance.

The application questions address some other program details.
If you have an unusual situation, we encourage you to provide details, so we can see if you might be eligible.
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