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Thank you for taking the time to complete our survey! Please be honest and include any suggestions you have. We are completely volunteer run and strive to help keep the beach a clean, vibrant and valuable community resource accessible to all Quincy residents and beyond.

* 1. Why & when do you visit Wollaston Beach? Please check all that apply.

* 2. What events sponsored by Friends of Wollaston Beach HAVE YOU ATTENDED? (At any time). Please check all that apply.

  WOULD Go Again MIGHT Go Again WOULD NOT Go Again Have Not Attended
Kidsfest: large event on the beach with music, games, face-painting, prizes, etc.
Beach Cleanup/Grounds Cleanup
Senior Citizen Lunch at Shop on the Beach
Movie Night (could have been in the Tot Lot across the street)
Puppet show
Kite Festival
Car Show
Read Aloud/"Book & Boogie" (could have been in the Tot Lot across the street)
 Nature Walk, "Green"/St. Patrick's Day Walk or Similar
Other Children's Event
Other Non-children's event

* 3. What kinds of events would you be INTERESTED in attending/participating in? Please check all that apply.

  Yes! Maybe NO Way!
Beach Cleanups
Large Children's Activities. Ex: Kidsfest, Kitefest
Smaller Children's Activities. Ex: movie, puppet show, story night in Tot-Lot
Nature Walk/Environmental Learning Events AT/along the Beach
Walking Club
Senior Citizen Lunch at Shop on the Beach (discounted/set price per person)
Beach or Environmental Education Night (not at the beach)

* 4. What improvements/amenities would YOU like to see at Wollaston Beach?

  Great How It Is! It's OK Now It's OK but we Need MORE! Needs Improvement REALLY Needs Improvement! Don't Know
Benches/Shade Shelters
Trash Cans
Recycling Availability
Water Quality
Traffic Signals/Road Signs
Bike Storage
Handicapped Accessibility
Public Safety Daytime
Public Safety After Dark

* 5. What ZIP code do you live in? (For example: 02170, 02122, 02188)

* 6. What is your age?

* 7. Who is in your household in addition to you? Please choose all that apply.

* 8. What is your gender?

* 9. Your Email Address (required for entry in t-shirt drawing)

* 10. Please share any additional comments/suggestions for the Friends of Wollaston Beach and tell us how you learned about the survey (Facebook, email from FWB, email forwarded to you, newspaper, QATV). Feel free to include your name and/or phone number in case you win our t-shirt drawing!

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