1. i2y & Imerman Angels Survey. . .Singles with Cancer

On this page, we want to get your personal information (for follow up) and find out what were the biggest issues you dealt with during your cancer treatment. Please be as descriptive as possible.

* 1. Please share the following information with us so we may contact you in the future. In the company box, please tell us your age and what type of cancer you have/had. Thanks.

* 2. Please check which issues you dealt with during and after your cancer treatment.

* 3. Please comment on the issues above (or others not listed) to whatever extent you feel comfortable. How did they impact you and what still concerns you in regard to your experience with cancer as a single person?

* 4. What types of assistance were OR would have been helpful to you during or after your cancer treatment?

* 5. Please share your top three needs from the above list or others, and describe in detail what services would have been most helpful to you during and after your treatment.