The purpose of the Community Partner Handbook is to inform of the goals of Community-Based Learning at Stonehill College. The handbook describes the working interactions between community partners, campus faculty, and students, as well as naming resources of guidance on and off campus.

The intent of this survey is to gather feedback on the Community Partner Handbook so that it can be better suited to your needs in pursuit of the goal of community-based learning.

Contact Corey Dolgon with questions:

Professor Corey Dolgon
Director, Office of Community-Based Learning
Phone (508-565-1904)
Email (

* 1. Have you used the Community Partner Handbook?

* 2. Did you find the OCBL Community Partner Handbook helpful?

* 3. What was most helpful?

* 4. What was missing from the handbook?

* 5. How else can the Office of Community-Based Learning support your work?


* 7. Name, Organization, Phone, and Email