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Lake Havasu Unified School District is considering opening a “Magnet” school.  A magnet school is based upon a unique theme or design and is a school of choice within a district.

The Magnet design we are considering is a “Classical” model, often also referred to as a traditional model.  Classical schools are considered “civic” and “virtue” based models.  Several charter schools utilize this model, including the Hillsdale Barney charter and the Heritage classical charter.

The mission of Classical Education is to train the minds and improve the hearts of young people through a rigorous, classical education in the liberal arts and sciences, with instruction in the principles of moral character and civic virtue.

A classical school achieves this through a time-tested, content-rich program that emphasizes traditional learning, virtuous living, and civic responsibility, focusing students toward those things that are good and true and beautiful across a multiplicity of traditional subjects. In order for students to join the ‘great conversation’…to interact with the greatest minds, characters, and historical figures, a classical education must necessarily be grounded in language and literacy.  Students will at all times study literature, composition, history, mathematics, sciences, visual and performing arts, foreign languages, and other related subjects.

Elements of Classical Academic Approach
  • Ordered, respectful environment where a distraction-free classroom is sacrosanct.
  • Content-rich, coherent liberal arts curriculum delivered by kindhearted, subject matter experts.
  • Back-to-basics approach. Spelling counts. English grammar taught explicitly. Manners matter. Hard work is expected.
  • Significant emphasis on phonics-based reading, spelling, grammar, and vocabulary.
  • Text-centered, teacher-led classroom marked by Socratic, responsive discussion.
  • Memory work, recitation and public speaking are cultivated through practice.
  • Faculty, staff, and administrators are expected to teach and model core virtues: Courage, Humility, Truth-seeking, Tenacity, and Self-control
  • Standardized testing does not drive the curriculum.
  • Uniforms are required to eliminate distractions and to level the playing field
  • Latin is introduced in 4th and 5th grade, and Latin is mandatory in sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth grades. Students may continue in Latin, Greek or a modern language.
  • Mathematics is taught conceptually.
  • In humanities courses, students read primary source documents, letters, etc. and rarely use textbooks.
  • In literature courses, students read the great books, the classics.
  • Emphasis on visual and performing arts – theory, history, and performance.
  • Parents and community volunteers to play an integral role helping the School achieve its mission.

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